The Pelham Leadership Committee welcomes interested parties who would like to ensure that Pelham is one of the best towns in which to live. While we are organized and supported by the Town of Pelham Republican Committee and the Neighborhood Party, we extend an invitation to anyone who supports our priorities, regardless of their political party affiliation. Our meetings are held each month with exact dates and venues sent in advance to prospective attendees.

You may be interested in identifying and supporting candidates for mayoral, trustee, and other positions, reaching out to voters, researching issues and solutions, and supporting fundraising events. We welcome volunteers at whatever level of support you can provide.

The Town of Pelham is comprised of ten voting districts. At various times, several District Leader positions are open. District Leaders are responsible for helping to recruit candidates for the Town and two Village offices, outreach to and education of local voters, seeking candidate endorsements, and campaign fundraising.

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