Timothy M. Case

A Pelham Manor resident for over twenty years, Tim has an impressive record of service to the community, including significant municipal leadership experience. He is currently a Trustee in the Village of Pelham Manor, also serving as the village’s Fire Commissioner.

Tim served as the Pelham Town Clerk for two years and as a Pelham Town Councilman for eight years. He is committed to delivering high-level services in a fiscally responsible manner.

An active father, Tim has coached a variety of Pelham Little League and Pelham Youth Hockey teams.  He is a dedicated member of the Pelham Civics Association, currently serving as that organization’s Vice President in charge of fundraising.

Professionally, Tim has worked as an accountant and in in financial services, running the trading desk for a multi-billion dollar hedge fund for 10 years.  Tim is a graduate of SUNY Geneseo, with a degree in Accounting, and passed the CPA exam.

An avid golfer, Tim is married to Joanne, who is active in several local organizations. They are the parents of Brad (26), Will (23) and Timmy, an eighth-grade student at Pelham Middle School, in addition to their family dog, Dallas.