About Our Town

Pelham, the oldest town in Westchester County, holds a significant place in history. Back in 1654, Thomas Pell struck a treaty with the Siwanoy Indians, acquiring not just the Town of Pelham, but also the entirety of the Bronx and the land extending north to the Rye border, along Long Island Sound. The State Legislature officially incorporated the Town of Pelham on March 7, 1788, encompassing City Island and the present-day Pelham Bay Park east of the Hutchinson River. However, in 1895, the town’s boundaries were adjusted, resulting in its current configuration. Additionally, two villages were established within the town: Pelham Manor in 1891 and Pelham in 1896.

Fast forward through the years and several generations, Pelham has transformed into a picturesque suburban haven near New York City. With a population of 12,953, Pelham is situated at the southernmost tip of Westchester County and is highly regarded as one of the finest places to reside in New York. Living in Pelham offers residents a suburban ambiance coupled with convenient access to cultural and entertainment activities, along with excellent educational opportunities for their children. The majority of Pelham residents are proud homeowners, fostering a strong sense of community among its inhabitants.

About the Committee

The Pelham Leadership Committee plays an important role in our community. Our mission is to find and promote candidates for government positions in Pelham who share our vision in and priorities for making Pelham one of the best places to live in the New York metropolitan area.

Our focus is on providing excellent services to Pelham residents via efficient and responsible policies. We also prioritize maintaining a welcoming environment for local businesses, which are the backbone of our community. And importantly, we advocate for educational excellence by improving the knowledge, skills, and prospects for all children in the community.

Our current committee members are Pelham residents who are dedicated to this idea of making Pelham one of the best places to live. While we are organized and supported by the Republican Town Committee of Pelham and the Neighborhood Party, we extend an invitation to anyone who supports our priorities, regardless of their political party affiliation.

Committee Leadership

We are pleased to have Joe Solimine serving as Chair of the Pelham Leadership Committee.

Joe and his wife Joan are 49-year residents of Pelham Manor. Their four children and thirteen grandchildren have all attended Pelham schools. In his twenties, Joe was a professional baseball player with the Pittsburgh Pirates and other baseball organizations. Upon his retirement from professional baseball, Joe opened his own Insurance Agency, which is now located in Pelham.

Joe’s commitment to our town is legendary and underscored by many achievement awards. Among his numerous community volunteer positions, Joe served as President of the Pelham Board of Education, President and Chairman of the Board of the Pelham Civics, Commissioner of the Pelham Recreation Department, and Supervisor of the Town of Pelham.


For more information on the governments of the Town of Pelham and its two Villages, go to:
Town of Pelham https://townofpelham.com/
Village of Pelham https://www.pelhamgov.com/
Village of Pelham Manor https://www.pelhammanor.org/